Get In On the Newest SUV Camping Trend with the Hyundai Tucson

The Hyundai Tucson is a capable crossover, despite its compact size. It is a great choice for taking on adventures, offering the fuel economy of a smaller vehicle with all the adventure-ready features of a crossover SUV. The optional towing package upgrade makes it easy to haul trailers or even just add a bike or storage rack for extra cargo space. Plus, there is ample cargo space for hauling all kinds of gear on the inside, including 60/40 folding rear seats if you’re not filling the backseat with passengers.

One thing that you might not know is that the Tucson doesn’t even need a camper or a tent camping site. A popular trend in the camping world, SUV camping, is changing the way people experience the great outdoors. With vehicle-specific gear and accessories flooding the market, this unique camping option takes away the discomforts and trades them for modern convenience and camp-anywhere capabilities. A simple search will reveal plenty of Hyundai Tucson tents and accessories for SUV camping in this compact crossover.

What is SUV Camping?

There are people who love camping and people who live the camping lifestyle. There are also a number of adventurous folks who like the great outdoors, but might want to skip the damp, cold ground sleeping and other hassles. Sometimes referred to as a type of “glamping” (glamorous camping), SUV camping is exactly what it sounds like: you outfit your SUV with all the necessary gear, hit the road, and find a spot to park and camp right in the car for the night. Or, in the case of most vehicle tents, you camp right on top of the car, leaving the interior open for storage, seating, and more.

The best part of SUV camping is that you never have to worry about finding the right campsite or campground for your trailer or camper. There’s no paying tent fees or utility charges for hooking up electricity or water. As long as you’re parked in an area where overnight parking is permitted, you can climb up on top of your Tucson and tuck in for the night, no matter where you are.

Inspired by the Adventuremobile

John Pangilinan, a lifestyle vehicle tuner from Southern California, decided to re-envision camping in 2015. He did so with the assistance of a 2016 Tucson model, which was perfectly designed with the weekend adventurer in mind. He added modifications to the body and powertrain, including a serious Treeline Tamarack rooftop tent and solar panels to fuel accessories. An improved Magnaflow Exhaust system was added, brakes were customized, and other storage and utility features were added. This custom-designed vehicle offers performance enhancing features that don’t detract from daily drivability, which is why the Tucson was chosen as the base model in the first place. With upgraded safety features and Vehicle Stability Control system standard, it makes transitioning from the daily grind to the great outdoors seamless.

Check out the many ways you can enjoy the Hyundai Tucson by test driving one today!

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