The Hyundai Tucson is Perfect for All Your Chicagoland Driving Needs

Living in one of the biggest cities in the nation has its perks. Everything is nearby, including plenty of great lake getaways, camping excursions, and outdoor adventures that are less than an hour from the city in many cases. Although you’re not exactly going into the outback, having a capable SUV or crossover will definitely make the transition from city commutes to backroad getaways easier. Even opting for a compact SUV like the Hyundai Tucson will provide ample cargo space for hauling friends, family, and all your gear.

The Hyundai Tucson is a Capable Camping Crossover

The summer camping season brings plenty of great adventures, but it also comes with a lot of gear. That isn’t a problem with the spacious Tucson, offering more space for cargo than you’d expect from a compact crossover. Plus, it features plenty of towing capacity if you’re going to take a camper along for the trip. While it’s easy to get caught up in outfitting the campsite, you can’t overlook the vehicle choice for your camping excursions.

With the performance-enhanced safety features and the All-Wheel drive upgrade option, The Hyundai Tucson takes Chicago-area paths less traveled like a champ, providing a comfortable ride on any back road or access road, no matter how far out of the city your preferred hideaway is located. Even when you’ve got the small crossover loaded up with the entire family and all of your camping gear, you’ll still enjoy a smooth, sprightly ride without the feeling of being bogged down and losing power.

The cargo area even features a 12V socket for plugging in your mini-fridge or freezer, making it easy to keep your food cold on the journey. Whether you’re heading up to the Lake Michigan campgrounds or looking for a more remote getaway, you’ll never have to worry about waiting to stock up until you get close to your campsite. Simply pack the car before you leave town and enjoy the ride with no extra stops along the way.

Enjoy the Towing Capacity for Every Adventure

The Hyundai Tucson performs well in the compact crossover market, with optional upgrades for better towing capacity. Even if you’re just looking for the option to add a tow-mount bike rack or storage rack, Tucson has plenty of models available. The All-Wheel Drive Limited model is the newest towing powerhouse in this lineup, offering over 3,500 pounds of towing capacity. This 1.6-liter model also offers an optional upgrade to a 2.0-liter engine for even more towing power.

Safety First for Every Drive

The Hyundai Tucson is perfect for getting off the beaten path, with standard safety gear like:

?       ABS

?       LED daytime running lights

?       Traction control

?       Vehicle stability control

?       Hill start assist and downhill brake control

?       Backup camera

Upgraded safety features are available, including rear cross-traffic alert with blind spot detection. The Tucson also offers automatic emergency braking that can help save you from plenty of city traffic fender benders on your daily commute.


With spacious cargo capacity, capable performance, upgraded safety features, and an impressive fuel economy, the Tucson is ideal for commuting and adventuring alike. Find yours today!

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